The objective of this program is to create a multidisciplinary environment and to address the specific APA needs within the existing curricula.

Students participating in this program will learn the latest developments in the world about APA. These developments mainly include the present EU Projects and Career opportunities. Students will this way be able to determine their personal career opportunities at the graduate study level.

The program includes the European Diploma of Adapted Physical Activity ( http://www.haaga-helia.fi/eudapa) at the under graduate level and information about Erasmus Mundus Adapted Physical Activity Master Program (www.erasmusmundus.be) at the graduate level. Learning about different education opportunities will help the latter better shape their future.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of this program, students are expected to have the following skills:

  • Have a universal approach on APA
  • Have the necessary knowledge on APA in Europe and in the World
  • Get to know international professional organizations on APA
  • Get to know first cycle level (BA) and second cycle level (MA) education options
  • Get to know how to access education materials and programs through web sites and e-sources
  • Have necessary data on EU projects about teachers training and professional standards on APA
  • Be able to use different teaching techniques while working with children with disablility
  • Be able to use different assessment tests to measure and evaluate the motor skills of the disabled groups
  • Be able to plan special APA works targeting the disabled groups